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Kelly Gavin

Bay Casting Director

Television Producer

Project Manager


Bay Casting is a casting agency and project management agency led by Santa Cruz native Kelly Gavin.  We service the entire San Francisco Bay Area as well as Monterrey County. Kelly Gavin has been an industry professional for nearly 20 years, her professional excellence is the result of a long journey which began as a radio & TV intern.

Kelly transformed her initial  internship into a successful line of  work in live television. She excelled as a producer for documentaries, commercials & massive event productions. She has years of experience with modeling shoots, field productions, massive size castings, radio spots, audio book directing, full production management. Kelly’s skills adapted to any type of production, “it seems like if the job exists I’ve done it!”

Kelly’s career has required dedication beyond compare, excellence in her abilities, a deep intuitive connection to knowing what will and won’t work and an incredible sense of humor. She prides herself with relationship building and getting the job done, efficiently & on budget! She is passionate about her work, also about everyone she collaborates with & for and lastly, she is passionate about helping others accomplish what they desire in a production.


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